Wackemall Therapy Services

The following is a paid advertisement. At least, we think we'll get paid.

When the white jacketed guys in the Wackemall Labs came to us with the idea that Wackemall Industries should be the first in the world to provide mental health services to vampires, werewolves, mummies, Batman and other nocturnal folk, we management types were a bit taken back but who are we to argue with the guys who made us $Billions with Barridogs and Barricats and $Trillions in a down economy with the Wackemcard. Even people thought our heroic founder, Veggie H Stalker was crazy when he invented the Wackemall Machete upon which the company was founded, made $Millions and won the war.

Besides, if anyone needs some therapy it's vampires, werewolves, mummies, Batman and other nocturnal folk-- wouldn't you agree?

So that why, starting August 1st, all Wackemall Industries locations will be open late night for therapy, psych evaluations, emergency services and counseling on an as needed basis. Cash, Credit Cards, Insurance, VA. major medical, Medicare and Medicate accepted. Sorry, we cannot accept Wackemcards at this time.

Editor's note: Why do all the guys in the Wackemall Labs wear jackets that fasten in the back?